Tails of Love

A quick note of honest truth about how we treat ourselves and what we can learn from our pets…

I sometimes struggle with insecurities about myself for various reasons. The fact is, most humans on the face of this earth experience the same thing for one reason or another. (Those who would say they do not experience this are probably either in denial or deluded. So, as you feel insecure about yourself for one reason or another, you are in good company.) The problem is, no one is perfect and we know all too well our own imperfections. We often, for some reason, expect an unreasonable level of perfection from ourselves (even more than we would expect from others). To make things worse, when we fail, we do not give ourselves the grace or forgiveness to the extent we should and would give to others. Perhaps this is because we live so closely with ourselves and see so many more faults than we ever have the opportunity to see in others, yet we still compare ourselves to others as we see them, even though we have an incomplete picture of them 24/7. I’m not going to dive into a major philosophical discussion here. I just wanted to express a thought I had as I was feeling a little down, a bit insecure about myself. I started thinking about self-talk, self-respect, and emotional self-care. I thought about how my cat, (as is typical for pets) loves me unconditionally, regardless. Period. He comes to cuddle and snuggle with me when he wants to give and receive loving, no matter how long I was gone at work, or how late dinner was because of my appointments right after work, or whether he has had a treat yet today or not. He loves me because I’m me, not for how I look, whether pretty or ugly. Tigger will cuddle with me and then look up and gaze into my eyes with an expression of trust, affection, and love that is quite endearing on his little fluffy face. As I pondered these things, I thought “What if we thought of ourselves the way our pets seem to think of us. What if we always loved ourselves despite our faults every day and thought kind thoughts about ourselves with positive sincerity instead of the negative self-degrading things we tend to say to ourselves in our minds about ourselves.” I’m certainly not advocating narcissism, (that is the opposite extreme of this issue of basic personal insecurities about self). I’m simply saying that, though it is a process and one not easily undertaken for many of us, it is important for us to learn truly objective self-respect, kindness, forgiveness, and how to treat ourselves as our pets treat us. I think perhaps this kind of love is something that our loving pets learned from God himself, because this is the very way God himself loves. He loves us regardless; in fact, he even actually likes us too! (Something that has certainly taken me some time to try to wrap my mind around!) Of course, there are some things we do that He does not like or condone; but he still loves us without fail, He forgives us as often as we will sincerely want to receive it, and He runs to meet us with joy as often as we “come home”. I’m not trying to be cheap and say that God is like a puppy or loyal dog, but rather I’m saying that I think our pet’s unrelenting love for us is a bit like the unrelenting love of God Himself. And I think that He wants us to love ourselves like He loves us. Perspective is everything sometimes and God has the best perspective of all; after all, He is the smartest one in the universe. Considering that He has so many more facts about our lives than even we do, it really says a lot about our true value that He still gets excited to talk to each and every one of us every day and dearly loves us for who we really are, no matter what! We can take a lesson from God and our little pets we’ve been given. We are valuable and are worth positive, respectful, and loving self-talk and self-care every day.

I think, sometimes, it is not so much that we adopt these furry little ones as our pets but rather that they adopt us as their friends, kind of like how God adopts us as His children, if we let Him.

Good Company

Thanks for joining me!

Pets bring us so much joy, warmth, comfort, love and inspiration. It is our duty to also give them a life of wonder in return. As Izaak Walton said, “Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter.” The company of a pet can improve our whole quality of life as we journey on though all that life brings us. There are many lovely, sweet, spunky, loyal, cuddly, fluffy, whiskered little ones out there still searching for their furrever homes. The good news is, there are also many wonderful people (like you and I) out there that may be a purr-fect match for one or two of these fur-babies! A painfully difficult life does not need to remain so (that goes for both us and these animals!). Many, if not most, people who adopt a pet feel that they have been rescued just as much as their adopted pets have. God gave these furry friends a unique capacity for unfaltering love, forgiveness, and loyalty, with such joy for the little things in life, and faithful trust… such things we can all learn from and give back. They become so much more than pets, they become family. My goal is to help tell their stories. I hope this page brings a smile to your face and warmth to your heart… and somehow pawsitively affect your life in an inspiring way. Happy reading!

Also… please feel free to e-mail me (here) and tell me the story of your furry family member. (With photos, too!) I am always looking for more stories and featured pets to post about!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton




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